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Silk Quilts  - enjoy pure natural softness of 100% mulberry silk, hypoallergenic, light and yet very warm, handmade with love for you and those you love most.

Silk Quilts - Silk Doonas - Silk Duvets
Made of Pure Natural Silk

LATEST TREND IN BEDDING: More and More People Enjoy the Comfort of Sleeping Under Natural Mulberry Silk Doonas

What's the difference between Silk Quilt, Silk Doona, Silk Duvet, Silk Blanket and Silk Comforter?

What is so great about sleeping under a silk quilt?

Silk keeps you warm when it's cold

And, amazingly, Silk cools you down when it's hot


Silk is not expensive

(info about the effort required to produce a silk quilt)

Coffee a day for less than three months?

For all coffee drinkers (including us): how long do you enjoy your daily coffee? For 15 minutes? How about finding a new level of joy in your eight-hour sleep? An average silk quilt is less than a coffee a day for three months: $3 for 90 days is $270. Our excellent silk quilts start from less than $.... We even give you FREE DELIVERY! Buy yourself a present that you will keep enjoying.

Silk and allergy

Allergies are on the rise. More and more people in developed and developing countries suffer from all sorts of allergies. Finding a cure for one's allergy is usually neither easy nor fast. Oftentimes finding the cause of allergic onsets is difficult enough.

Silk is hypoallergenic, mostly

Dust mites allergy and Silk

Silk and other allergies

Silk is good for your skin

Chinese have long believed in strong benefits of silk for human skin. They say silk slows down the skin ageing process. Silk is thought to help with itchy skin, rashes and other dermatological issues. Chinese people strongly believe pure natural silk can help heal skin problems. Some Western studies have confirmed the potential benefits of silk for your skin. It is presumed that silk proteins are the factors that positively influence our skin. A study by a Japanese scientist Sugihara and team in 2000 discovered that silk speeds up the healing process of wounds. Skin wounds that were dressed in natural silk dressing healed as many as seven days faster than wounds in traditional dressing.
Ref 1: Sugihara A, Sugiura K, Morita H, Ninagawa T, Tubouchi K, Tobe R, Izumiya M, Horio T, Abraham NG, Ikehara S.: Promotive effects of a silk film on epidermal recovery from full-thickness skin wounds. The First Department of Pathology and Department of Dermatology, Kansai Medical University, Osaka, Japan, October 2000.

Go for silk in silk - your skin will love it

For the benefit of your skin and to increase hypoallergenic effect of your silk quilt, we recommend that you buy a silk quilt in silk casing. It is slightly dearer than the cotton casing, but it gives your skin the extra benefit of a pure silk comforter. We would also suggest that you may consider using a quilt cover, pillow and bed sheet made of natural silk.

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